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COVID Testing Information

We are currently offering COVID antigen testing. No appointments are necessary. Walk-ins are preferred between 10am and 6:00pm Monday through Friday and 10am through 2pm on Saturday.

Our test is a rapid antigen test that gives you results in only 10 minutes. The test includes Anterior nare(nasal) specimen collection which is not as painful as the deeper nasophargyngeal test. We do not bill insurance for the test and the cash price for the test is $50. The benefit of our rapid antigen test is that if you get a positive test result you may be able to return to work or school two days sooner than if you take a PCR test requiring two days for results.

Click here for more information about the Carestart COVID-19 Antigen Test.

Call us at 704-865-3411 if you need more information or have questions about COVID testing.